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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 5, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> review the court transcripts, ryan. at no point did the government lawyers say it was a tax. >> in fact, solicitor general donald burilli did call at it tax and argued that the court had a duty to consider it as such. >> not only is it fair to read it as exercise of the tax power, this court has abobligation to construe it as exercise of tax power. >> the court majority ruled the mandate a tax, romney said he disagreed and cited with the minority dissent. monday, eric bernstrom weighed in this way. >> the governor believe what is we put in place in massachusetts was a penalty. he disagrees with the court ruling that the mandate was a tax. >> press secretary andrea sal reiterated that governor romney thinks it's unconstitutional penalty. republicans complain bitterly. that calling at it penalty chief romney undercut the attack on the president for raising taxes. in new hampshire, romney marched in a fourth of july
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parade yesterday and tried to get back in step with the party. >> the supreme court has spoken. while i agreed with the dissent, that is taken over by the fact that the majority of the court said it's a tax and therefore is it a tax. they have spoken. there is no way around that. >> romney is often accused of hypocrisy for opposing mandate and penalty as part of healthcare when he implemented both in massachusetts. he found the defense from the very chief justice whose overall decision he disagrees with. >> the chief justice in his opinion made it clear at the state level the states have the power to put in place mandates. they don't require it to be called taxes to be called constitutional. >> he dismissed the mounting criticism that he is missing opportunity to gain ground on the president. he said they like their message and the position and have no plans to change this, john. >> john: glad you finally cleared that up for us. >> tax versus penalty. >> john: good to see you match. jurorty of economists in the latest "associated press" survey expect the national
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unemployment rate to stay above 6% for at least four more years. that is the upper reaches of what is considered healthy. the economy with the central message today that the president kicked off the campaign swing through two important battleground states. the chief white house correspondent ed henry is traveling with the president. >> president obama's first campaign bus tour looks like his first two official bus tours. paid for by taxpayers last year. today, the pretty pictures of americana were mixed with punchs at presumptive nominee romney. >> his experience were owning companies that were called pioneers of outsourcing. that is not my phrase. pioneers of outsourcing. my experience has been in saving the american auto industry. >> the attacks on romney may be overshadowed by friday job numbers in june which are coming with big signs on the economy. today we learn the u.s. service companies that
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employ 90% of the economy grew in june at the lowest pace in almost 2-1/2 years. companies do seem to be hiring more. weekly unemployment benefit applications dropped by 14,000. the best since mid-may. payroll provider a.d.p. says businesses added impressive 176,000 jobs last month. although that survey often does not match the labor department report coming friday. >> our goal is to put people back to work tomorrow. it's also to build for the long haul. >> today's campaigning also mixedsly with official business -- mixed with official business as the president said the company is filing unfair trade complaint against china over suv. a popular move ohio since china is the third largest export market. >> as long as we compete on fair playing field instead of unfair playing field we will do just fine. >> romney camp has the key surrogates shattering the president with their own bus. >> we should all recall the
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promises he made last time. the promises that are left unfulfilled and broken. >> the republican national committee fired away that vice president biden campaigned here in northern ohio four years ago and made big promises. >> they have driven up a national debt to $8 trillion. what possible right do they have to say to anybody; particularly, to us, that they know how to manage our money and manage the economy? >> the romney camp adamantly denies any outsource and note the third party group deemed the charge to be false. meanwhile, white house officials confirm the president is breaking the tradition of summer vacation on martha's vineyard. it wouldn't be good in an election year. >> john: ed henry on the campaign trail in ohio for us tonight. thanks. china, europe and britain all loosen the monetary policy in the space of less than an hour today, signaling more
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concerns about the global economy. europe and china both slashed lending rates while billions pumped billions of pounds in the stimulus program. the european central bank's president denied that the action was coordinated, adding the economic situation is nowhere near as bad as it was in 2008. in the united states, fixed mortgage rates fell again to new record lows. the average 30-year loan plummeted to 3.62%. that is the lowest since long-term mortgages began back in the 150s -- 1950s. stocks were unchanged. dow lost 47. s&p 500 dropped 6. the nasdaq finished the day just up a tiny fraction. announcement of plans to build iran's first nuclear powered submarine is stoking speculation it could serve as a pretext for the country to pursue nuclear weapons. new information shows iran and north carolina arand -- iran ana are getting i.t. help from an unusual source. correspondent catherine
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herridge explains. >> reporter: the documents first obtained by are at the center of international suppression into whether obscure u.n. agency, the world intellectual property organization violated the u.n. sanctions by shipping computers and other sophisticated technology to north korea and iran. new revelations about the scandal first surfaced in a recent house judiciary hearing. >> i have been closely following reports that wipo officials have been transferring computers, firewalls and other technological devices to the governments of north korea and iran. >> along with conman berman, another california democrat whose constituent include the technology sector said the u.n. alleged behavior was beyond unacceptable. >> it's an outrage that wipo would be transferring material, violating the sanctions that we have to north korea and iran. and this stuff, i mean it's base basically funded by
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u.s. investors. >> pushed for answer, the u.s. secretary of commerce confirmed the transfers were under scrutiny. >> there is an active ongoing investigation, the department of state is handling that at this time. >> exclusive reporting by in april was a likely catalyst for the state department investigation in the ja knee va based u.n. body. the document -- ja knee va based u.n. body. the documents show shipn't to iran in 2010. and north korea 2011 or early 2012. the iran and north korea shipment contained hewlett-packard computers and servers in violation by the u.n. to the hewlett-packard policy not to supply technology to rogue regimes. >> the state department has to be aggressive in getting to the bottom of this. >> a state department spokesman agreed the claims are serious adding the issue is being raised at the headquarters. we're working with the director general and other member states to incity tute reforms to ensure future development projects are properly reviewed prior toing approved and implemented.
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as to respond to the serious allegations that a u.n. body is violating the inn sanctions on north korea and iran there was no immediate response from the u.n. press office. >> john: incredible story. catherine herridge for us tonight. thanks. a rare bright spot in relations between the united states and pakistan. the first truck carrying supplies to american and nato troops in afghanistan crossed the pakistani border for the first time in seven months. they cannot apologize for the american airstrikes that killed border troops in november. >> the wikileaks website says it's publishing 2 million e-mails related to syria. the group says the files will embarrass not only damascus, but also the opponents. amateur video shows more shelling damage in city of home homs. up next, lawmaker says don't
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>> john: a spokesman for jesse jackson junior says the illinois congressman condition is more serious than initially believed. jackson is undergoing evaluation and treatment at an inpatient medical facility. congressman's office announced last week he was on medical leave and being treated for what they thought at the time was exhaustion. legal showdown between the lone star state and the justice department is just days away before anyone steps in the courtroom, though. one lawmaker is already cross examining the attorney general star witness. chief washington correspondent james rosen has the latest. >> attorney general eric holder is fighting in court to block texas enacting the voting law that passed last year. which requires registered voters to possess valid state issue photo i.d. it will help cush voter fraud, the nation top enforcement
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officer disagrees. >> we object to this in texas because it has disproportionate impact on hispanic voters. >> the prove that, department of justice retained harvard university professor of government who in turn relied on data firm called catalyst to supply statistical information. such as the percentage of white and majority in texas who are registered to vote. i had previous studies using the data, he testified and found nearly all persons identified by catalyst, black, white or hispanic identified themselveses in the survey being in the same race projected by catalyst. >> the if there is a perception that catalyst was cooking the books they would lose the clients. >> they are all about integrity. >> a look at website shows they are all about the ideology. the firm says its mission is to provide progressive organizations, with the data and service needed to better identify and understand and communicate with the people
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they need to persuade and mobilize. the client has every major power player on the left. from the democratic house and senate campaign committee to emily's list and planted parnhood to 2008 obama campaign. he wrote today to attorney general holder asking why an openly partisan firm was engaged to provide data for nonpartisan agency. >> returned and this is a republican company with republican parties and candidate and organization as clients. the results are going to be tainted no matter what. >> they declined the catalyst for the story. department of justice is reviewing chairman smith's letter. the lawsuit that decides dispute over the voter i.d. law, case of texas v holder is set to begin in federal district court in washington on monday. >> john: we'll be watching
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that closely. james rosen tonight. thanks. the justice department has not prosecuted any countrywide official involved in the now defunked vip loan program that benefited lawmakers and government officials. new report sheds light on why those sweetheart deals were made. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel has that story. he's live for us tonight. >> good evening. three-year investigation done by the house oversight committee shows countrywide financial gave out discounted loans to advance the business and lobbying goals. the report says documents and testimony obtained by the committee to show v.i.p. loan program was a tool used by countrywide to build good will with lawmakers and other individuals positioned to benefit the company. among the v.i.p. customers mentioned in the report, senator kent conrad chairman of the budget committee and former senator chris dodd who headed the banking committee vote democrat. house members, pete sessions and galigally and tom
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campbell. and former hud secretary cisneros and jackson, as well as former h.h.s. secretary shalala. in all, the committee says there were 29 loans to 12 members of congress and key staffers. the report says the lobbying efforts worked. >> there was a concerted effort to use something, to peddle influence. they did it also at fannie mae. this ended terribly where they dumped so many loans on the american taxpayers. that makes it egregious. >> the investigation countrywide lobbied to have mortgage fannie mae a critical partner. it's fannie mae that bought a large number of country wide sub prime mortgages. for loan recipient, some suggested they didn't know they were given special treatment. spokesperson for buck mckeon said he was never aware and he provided the media all the
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loan documentation from the 199 1998 loan. he shares issa's interest in determining if there was wrongdoing by countrywide. spokeperson for bank of america which now owns countrywide says the report applies to premerger activities. and the program was immediately discontinued at the time of the acquisition. john? >> john: see where all of this goes. mike emanuel. thanks. tens of millions of dollars in tax-free union funds going to junction of luxury report and purchasing big ticket items like country club, golf courses and learjets. not talking about membership but the actual thing. fox business reports the i.r.s. is initiating a preliminary inquiry to see whether the non-profits including unions are breaking tax law. florida judge set bond for neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman at $1 million. while he awaits trial on the second degree murder charge for killing trayvon martin. the judge had revoked zimmerman's substantially lower bond last month after it
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was discovered he misled the court about his finances. still ahead tonight, update on house race that could be big trouble for a new york legend. first, republicans' big ideas for how they would fix healthcare.
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>> john: the fourth of july passed without the traditional fireworks from many parts of the west, as wildfires continue to blaze. fires in wyoming, utah and colorado prompted air quality health advisories. some good news, though, firefighters say they have the waldo canyon fire contained by sunday. the death toll from the midatlantic storms that rocked the region a week ago has risen now to 26.
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utility and municipality crews worked through the fourth of july holiday to restore power and remove downed trees. 600,000 customers from ohio to virginia still don't have electricity as the temperatures continue to bake region. one thing that is obvious, most republicans do not support the president's healthcare law. what is less obvious is what the g.o.p. would do instead. chief national correspondent jim angle with answers for us. >> the choice is to go forward or to be draggeded back. >> democrats argue republicans who want to repeal the obama plan want to return to the bad old days of health insurance. >> politics behind. join with us. ensuring that every american has access to quality affordable care that no person deny coverage to the preexisting conditions. >> republicans, however, say i agree the old system will not work. >> the healthcare system, the status quo is unacceptable. as a physician, i tell you it doesn't work for patients or
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doctors. >> a conservative analyst says the republicans should now lay out their plans to show people what they should do. >> they need to be able to talk about a healthcare vision that is different from the obamacare vision. and they need to be able to announce principles that people can understand and agree with. >> all the obama administration and people that supported the president's healthcare reform did was add more people to a failed system. failing system. that is not healthcare reform. >> people rejected the individual mandate in polls but another aspect was consistently and immensely popular. coverage of preexisting conditions. one poll found that 85% favored that with only 19% 12% opposing. republicans have several plans to cover preexisting conditions. one reason for mandate is force healthy people to insurance pools to spread the risk. republicans say they can do that without the mandate, which they plan to repeal. >> the pool is large enough to make so it the preexisting
6:24 pm
illnesses don't make any difference to the costs of the health coverage for folks. >> because the risk is spread over a large group, that expenses illnesses of a few don't drive up peoplums for all. if it's -- premiums for all. if it's that simple why hasn't it been done before? >> if you don't work for a large multistate employer it's illegal to buy health insurance across state lines, even though you can buy auto or life insurance anywhere. >> jokingly say isn't it interesting to buy car insurance for a lizard across state lines but not health insurance. >> republicans would change the law so people who belong to the same association such as the realtors or lutherans or small businesses associations could form a pool for health insurance. >> what if we allow anybody who a member of a civic organization, or lion's club to pool together to purchase insurance? then you get purchasing power of millions. >> he's for allowing anyone anywhere to join the federal
6:25 pm
tax plan which has 9 million members all over the u.s. >> we have different kinds of insurance plans that they can pick from. that is what we would like to do. create bigger pools. >> republicans have several already written and ready to go. most have one thing in common. there is no mandate and no tax increases the federal government would not be making healthcare decisions they say. patients and doctors would. john? >> john: got the big vote on repeal next wednesday. jim angle tonight. thanks. >> accidental vote leaves a north korea democrat tearfully asking for do-over next in grapevine. don't forget to participate in the text to vote poll. should republicans fight against obamacare or move on to other issues? text sr1 to 36288 for keep fighting. sr2 for move on. results coming up in a bit. ♪ ♪
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this thursday night. obama and romney campaigns grappled this week with the supreme court calling the mandate a tax. perhaps they should be more concerned with the pew research poll that shows 45% of americans don't even know or cannot correctly say how the supreme court ruled. 15% of those polled wrongly answered that most provisions in the law were rejected and another 30% said they just didn't know the outcome. a florida beach became the scene of management fiasco on monday. here is lifeguard thomas lopez, describing what happened to him. >> they were screaming go, just go. someone is drowning. i kept running until i found him dragged up on the water. i just went. >> for saving someone's life, lopez was fired. why? he broke company policy by
6:30 pm
leaving his assigned area. toe his boss told the "sun sentinel" that supervisors acted too quickly and he's welcome to come back to the lifeguard chair. he has declined for now. finally, north korea is nors hoping to frac by accident. carney opposed legislation to allow hydraulic fracturing in national gas pushed the wrong button in late night vote and unintentionally became the decided vote to overcome the for produced veto of the bill. afterwards, carney said i feel rotten and i feel tired and mistakes are made constantly when people are tired. i feel rotten abbott it, but i take responsibility for my vote. her request for a doover was denied. the ballot counting continues in a process that could seal the fate of controversial veteran democratic congressman charles rangel.
6:31 pm
laura ingle has the latest. >> reporter: under the watchful eye of congressman rangel representative and those of the main challenger, state senator adriano espaillat, workers spent the day in lower manhattan counting roughly 2,000 provisionm and absentee ballo ballots meanwhile, lawyers for the democratic rivals were in court in the bronx for hearing on espaillat's allegation that latino voters with bluerbeed or imperially asked for identification in the 13th congressional district primary. board of election commissioners refuse that and depend the workers. >> one thing i can tell you, at the end of the day, every single ballot will be counted. soon the board of elections will certify a winner this race. >> this afternoon, supreme court judge john carter ruled he will have the final word on the board of elections results once they are in. with a double digit lead and early returns it seems that the congressman clinched another primary. espaillat gave a concession speech.
6:32 pm
afterwards, he says he received scores of complaints from constituents claiming their votes had been suppressed. >> our country has to rely on an election process, election system that verifiable, that is transpiring, and brings about confidence to everybody. >> rangel used the july fourth holiday to reassure voters and to ask them to allow election officials to carry out their work. >> at the end, we all should have an opportunity to analyze that and to determine what we have to say about anything. you can't knock what you don't know. >> board of election commissioners tell fox they expect to wrap up their count by the weekend or early next week. the lawyers say if their allegations are proven true, a new election must be held. john? >> the pentagon is planning a $40 million project to update communications from the u.s. u.s. base on guantanamo bay to south florida. the plan to lay underwater fiber optic cable will require
6:33 pm
congressional approval. pentagon spokesman tells fox it's a mistake to assume that the project is any indication of how long the gitmo detention center will be in operation. tens of thousands of americans could lose their internet service on monday unless they do a quick check on their computers for malware that may have taken over their machines more than a year ago. to check whether your computer is affected visit the website, run by a group brought in by the f.b.i. the president kicks off the summer bus tour and both candidates turn on the spin cycle when it comes to healthcare. the fox all-stars join me coming up next. [ male announceu take it on your road trip... we take it on ours. this summer put your family in an exceptionally engineered mercedes-benz now for an exceptional price during the summer event. but hurry, this offer ends july 31st.
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6:37 pm
practices that harm american auto makers. >> john: president obama on the campaign trail today talking about trade action the administration brought against china for tariffs on american cars. bring in the panel. mary kathryn hamm is with us. mara liasson of national public radio. sindcated columnist -- sindcated columnist charles krauthammer. first day of the bus city, close to a chrysler plant. trade action. >> this has been in the works for a while but he took this opportunity to debut it, because with the noncollege educateded white voters who are closely connected often to the automobile industries, good news for them. i think we are going to see the china rhetoric ratchet up on both sides. this makes a difference for the automobile industry in ohio is another question that will take a long time to do this. basically, we pick on china a lot for subsidizing their stuff, file complaints against
6:38 pm
them and they came back and said ah-ha, look at you guys subsidizing. this is way to zing us. we'll see what happens here. something to throw out on the trail. not sure it reaches all the voters out there. >> john: mitt romney accused the president being weak on a number of countries, including china. does this show he is tough? >> this shows as a president you can do things rather than just promise you'll do them. this is a ritual. i can't think of a single presidential campaign we have gone through that the candidates don't promise to do something to china and walk it back when they get in office. this is a real ritual. this polls well and popular to get tough on china for being currency manipulator or subsidizing their products. and the president is saying to mitt romney you can talk about it but i can do it. >> john: the president was talking about china but mostly talk about the economy, charles. jobless numbers came out. better than expected. what are you expecting for the employment number tomorrow?
6:39 pm
>> it could be really bad in which case he will have a hard time throughout the summer. if it's near to where the unemployment number is now, the campaign will continue as is. romney is behind by nine points in ohio. without ohio, he doesn't win. so he is in serious trouble. i think this obama china thing, of course, it's something that the president can do. but i think it's not only that he is tough on the foreigners remember this is running concurrently with an ad campaign which has been quite effective in ohio and elsewhere by obama. showing romney loves the foreigners and want to give them our jobs. export, outport them. this is a guy who loves the foreigners, and obama is trying to be tough on them. every time you a presidential year, the president and/or the opponents will start to beat up on the foreigners. preferably asian. remember, you go way back. john connelly 1980, japan
6:40 pm
before. now it's china. he said he would raise tariffs on the japanese to the pointbe that the japanese would watch their toyotas rotting in the harbor. this is not new. but remember, obama is the guy who usually acts as a citizen of the world. goes to berlin and gives speeches there. and accused this thing in san francisco four years ago where he thought nobody was liste listening. the unwash who had live in middle america of fearing the other cling to god and guns and fearing the other, well he is the guy who is now working on the fear of the other rather well. >> john: one of the keys of the presidential campaign is define your opponent early. with this whole push on romney was the outsourceer in chief, does mitt romney risk getting sort of painted and engaged in people's minds -- ingrained as people's mind, not unscrupulous but uncaring robber bearing? >> that's what the campaign hopes will happen.
6:41 pm
in ohio they are having detraction with it. in washington, we have seen push back on the numbers about the outsource in the "washington post." >> john: are they in the heartland, though? >> i think it's shown more progress in places like ohio where he has the noncollege educated white voter he did well with in 2008. that has been leighing anymore droves. that is the -- leaving him in droves. >> one-third, 32% among noncollege whites which is bad. he got 43% of the white vote nationally in 2008. that is his worse demographic. the romney come pain made the decision. they -- campaign made the decisions. they decided they had to be acceptable alternative. didn't have to define him. just be there when people soured on obama. upshot of that is he is a blank slate. and the obama campaign is now writing on the slate. they are defining him as someone who hides his income.
6:42 pm
swiss bank accounts. maybe doesn't pay his taxes. outsources jobs. i am surprised they have the success they have because romney has money to do anything he want. >> john: we're hearing from ed henry that obama will respond to the jobs tomorrow at 10:30. we'll carry it here on fox news. another run on tax versus penalty for healthcare. the wall street tore a strip off romney for squandering an opportunity to move up on the president. here is a little bit from that. "if mitt romney loses the run for the white house the turning point would have been the decision monday to absolve president obama of raising taxes on the middle class." that was the nice stuff they said about him, charles. >> this is a fair lisa advantage attack. this is correct. politics 101. and the romney come pain, which otherwise is solid, has a lot of professionals, he is a solid guy.
6:43 pm
completely misand one is at stake here. romney is obsessed trying to show what he did in massachusetts was okay. he is obsessed with people saying if he doesn't, he repudiated, even in details of what he called the mandate, that he will be accused of being a guy who flips and flo flops. instead of just ignoring that, who cares about that. he is handed by the supreme court the notion at the heart of obamacare is a tax. it's a tax. three-quarters of which falls on people of middle income, under $120,000. he blahs it. he says at the beginning it's a mandate now it's a tax. it looks as if there is an internal debate in the campaign. not only take advantage of something he was handed. he turns it in to a negative. >> john: now there is an internal debate on the obama side of things as well. stephanie cutter came out and said this is a "penalty" under
6:44 pm
the tax code. the campaign said wait, we didn't talk about the tax ever at the supreme court. it appears clear they did. you know, you look at what romney is saying. it's like both the campaigns are parsing semantics in a way that is rare even for politics. >> yeah. it makes sense for obama to do it. it does not make sense for romney to do it. two sort of unforceed errors on the supreme court decision on immigration, caught flat-footed on that and on this. i do think that largely the rnc and all conservatives, probably out-shouted them when talking about the tax. not sure that eric bernstrom is one spokesperson one comment will make that huge of a difference now that they are shifting tax here. the or issue is for normal people, mandate, penalty, tax, fee, whatever you call it. >> what do you think? >> i think president obama missed a huge opportunity. he has spoken to it, to explain what the mandate is and why it's necessary. and why there are all the
6:45 pm
people out there free riding which is how romney explained it in massachusetts, by the way. the reason why we need this is so we don't have to pay for them. when they go to the energy room or whatever and don't have insurance. he could have laid a conservative populist case for the mandate and he never did. >> john: hold it there, folks. we'll be right back. there is an embargo against it. iran and north korea are getting sophisticated computer equipment. what are they getting it from? the united nations. fox all-stars talk about that up next. what can i get you ?
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it's an outrage. really, it's an outrage that wipo would be transferring material, violating the sanctions we have to north korea and iran.
6:49 pm
and this stuff, i mean it's basically, it's funded by u.s. inventors. >> the leadership that the u.s. patent and trademark office was disappointed when they got to say the least that information. >> john: recent house judiciary hearing which they were discussing the transfer of computer equipment, including american servers built by hewlett-packard to north korea, and iran. -up office, the world intellectual property organization that was responsible. throw out a jump ball here. you look at this and you can't help think what is going at the united nations. >> john: this is insane proposition what happened. here is a u.n. agency working against itself, giving itself to rogue states. we're not sure why negligence, stupid, perhaps malice, but that is how the u.n. runs entirely, negligence or stupidity or malice. look at the u.n. human rights
6:50 pm
council. who sat on it? gaddafi's libya sat on it. saudi arabia today sits on it. you can't have a church or a synagogue or bible in saudi arabia. it sits on the u.n. human rights council. where does the money come from for wipo, for the u.n. and everything? fifth of is it american. overwhelmingly all the money is from the industrialized west. we are subsidizing structure with many, with a legion of organizations, all of whom are negligent, stupid or malicious. and who issue resolution, publications, committees, which are almost exclusively, anti-western, anti-american, antisemitic. it's the center of that thinking in the world. why we subsidize it, why we stay in it is beside me. i wrote a quarter a century ago we should leave, take our money and take it out of new york so we can meet, i don't know in kinchasa somewhere. we'll see how many diplomats
6:51 pm
show up there. it becomes irrelevant and withers away. >> john: take a moment to add quotes to that. here is something that john bolton said about this back in the 1990s. he said, "the u.n. secretary building in new york is 38 stories and it lost ten stories it wouldn't make a bit of difference." >> it wouldn't enough for charles. >> i got one more. mike huckabee said in 2009 it's time to get a jackhammer and chip that you have part of new york city. >> that's more like charles. >> john: floated in the east river never to be seen again. >> if it lost ten stories it would be improved. >> you can see this is a great idea to have reminded conservatives how they feel about the u.n. it's shocking how unshocking it is. >> is it in need of an overhaul? tearing down and rebuilding? >> the question is i want to know how this happens and why. was it just they didn't know about their own rules?
6:52 pm
or some rogue shipping clerk? >> how do you miss part there is an embargo of iran and north korea so don't ship computer equipment. >> there is evidence they went through channels that is less detectable. this is business as usual. they made robert mugabe-up tourism ambassador several weeks ago. this is how they think up there. amazing. >> where is the disconnect? does it lie with the united states or state department keeping an eye on things? >> it lies in the u.n. it's corrupt organization. sand box of dictators. it began as something run by the western democracies and it ran somewhat efficiently for a decade or so. then you had decolonization. you ended up with 150 countries, very few of whom are democratic. it's a plate of dictators.
6:53 pm
they run it that way. the idea that they would use it for anything other than to promote authoritarianism and attack the west is fiction. it will always be this way because it's universal organization. alternative is league of democracies as an alternative over a generation or two would take over the function and stature of the u.n. >> john: when do we start rebuilding? >> i don't know. it's not part of mitt romney's platform. >> he should be listening. >> i'm sure john bolton is. he could probably get involved. >> john: ultimately, if you are transferring the high-[ brief technical difficulty] nology, giv -- if you are transg the high technology you can't get this back. this has stumped the panelist. >> h.p. has a specific rule within the company that the stuff does not go to countries. the corporate, the corporate folks --
6:54 pm
>> not directly from them. corporate folks that are friends who are generally u.n. supporters might believe would be nefarious are far less nefarious than the u.n. in the case. hard to keep it out of there. >> you indicated that the u.n. never ceases to surprise you. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. that is it for panel. stay tuned to see how the campaigns are reaching out the youth vote. we'll be right back. according to ford, the works fuel saver package could literally pay for itself. jim twitchel is this true?
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>> john: and now the results of our text-to-vote poll. should republicans keep fighting obama care or move on to other issues. 93% of you said keep fighting. mary pat. you were right. 7 percent said move on. finally tonight, it has been called the song of the summer. but carlie ray jefferson probably never managed that call me maybe would be a catalyst for a rare coming together of political ideology
6:58 pm
but it has, have a look. ♪ i knew i shouldn't have left ♪ i never tell ♪ i look to you. ♪ in my way ♪ hey, this is crazy. ♪ here's my number ♪ so call me maybe. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> john: definitely the song of the summer. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." good night from washington. >> harris: we are live as fox reports tonight. new information coming out on that ocean liner that crashed into some rocks off the coast of italy the costa concordia captain back in the headlines. some members of congress on a very specialist. did they actually get a break on home loans when millions of americans were about to lose their homes?
6:59 pm
>> they were trying to peddle influence and they were using a product that members of congress and the congressional staff wanted and needed. >> harris: one-time mortgage giant country wide financial accused of giving discounted home loans to lawmakers and staffers in order to secure favorable deals on capitol hill. and a global online computer threat. malicious software threatening to kick hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting people off the internet within days. tonight, what you need to know to protect yourself. also, a city's entire fireworks display goes off in just 15 seconds. tonight, the fourth of july fiasco. i'm harris faulkner in tonight for shepard smith. we begin this thursday with a silver lining. in an otherwise stormy day for our eco,


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